Project Goal

OVERALL PROJECT GOAL: Improved welfare and protection of children affected by HIV/AIDS. Our core business is to prioritize interventions for “…children who have lost a parent to HIV/AIDS, who are directly affected by the disease, or who live in areas of high HIV prevalence and may be vulnerable to the disease or its socio-economic effects.” This Includes children who are living with HIV, children who have lost a parent to HIV/AIDS, children living with HIV positive caregivers, and at-risk children and adolescents living in a high HIV prevalence area (i.e. adolescent girls, children of key populations, children living outside of family care, and those out of school). Our mandate is to reach children that are most vulnerable to HIV infection to mitigate the impact of HIV and prevent new HIV infections whilst doing household economic empowerment.

Target Area

CRS USAID MWENDO OVC project implemented in Kisumu county - April 2018-September 2021. Project covers Kisumu West Sub county (totalling to four wards):- North West Kisumu , South West Kisumu, West Kisumu and Kisumu North wards

Activity Description

  • Increased access to health and social services for OVC and their families.
  • Viral Load monitoring for HIV positive children
  • HIV risk assessment and screening for children
  • Running Adolescent peer clubs for the HIV positive
  • Case conferencing for the children with high viral load.
  • Participating in Multy Disciplinary Teams at the facility to discuss the children with high viral load
  • Defaulter tracing, referral and linkage to care and treatment
  • For HIV positive OVC support caregivers with disclosure of HIV status
  • Promote adolescent friendly health services
  • Support adolescent transition to adult HIV care
  • Promote De-worming, Growth monitoring, Immunization/ Vitamin A supplementation
  • Strengthen the capacity of households and communities to protect and care for OVCs’.
      1. Financial literacy training
      2. Asset building to caregivers and households
      3. Emergency cash transfer
      4. Kids/children clubs to develop social skills
      5. Promote and support school enrolment, progression and transition
      6. Life skills education and mentorship e.g., through JFFLS
      7. Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC)
  • Strengthen Child Welfare and Protection Structures and Systems for effective responses.
      1. Protection from harmful labor/early pregnancy, and early marriages for girls.
      2. Peer support groups.
      3. Promote message on SGBV prevention and recovery, and S& D
      4. Case planning to promote goal setting and graduation
      5. Birth certificate
      6. In partnership with EARC conduct disability assessment sessions
      7. Support families register CLWD to register with National Council of People with Disability
      8. Refer and link families to appropriate services e.g., HTS, safety nets


CRS USAID MWENDO OVC project implemented in Kisumu county- April 2018-September 2021. Project covers Kisumu East Sub county,-North West, South West Kisumu and Kisumu North wards (totalling to four wards).