We provide after sales service, free production advice, market information and linkage to our customers through partners within our networks. We seek to be agents of change, transforming both business and society. Besides, we are committed to growth of our clients for our success.

Crop Management Training

At GZA, we also offer trainings Support Services to our clients in the following

    • TOT training for Community-based Agribusiness undertakings,
    • Integrated Pest management,
    • General Crop Management and
    • Business Skill for Income Generating Groups

Water Harvesting and Storage Equipments

We supply and install different types of water harvesting structures, dam liners (used for controlling water loss through soil infiltration and for lining fish pond in fish production) and welding services. Dam linings reduce costs due to water loss and makes damming of water possible in areas with highly porous soils.

Fertigation Systems

We supply various types of Fertigation equipment which suit a variety of irrigation systems which makes the application of fertilizers and other chemicals easier and cheaper. They also ensure effective application of applicable inputs thus ensuring uniform crop performance.

Electronic Water Management Systems

We also supply and install different types of Moisture Probes. These are sets of electronic Equipment that read the soil exchangeable bases movement, moisture content and temperatures. These reading are then transferred to a digital translator or to a computer. Moisture Probes help in the determination of crop water requirement, scheduling and automation of installed irrigation systems for efficient water management and cost reduction in irrigated crop production. They also help in crop manipulation, management of soil nutrients and temperatures for high quality crop production

Greenhouse Design and Construction

We also supply and install Greenhouses. Our Greenhouses are designed and constructed in various sizes using either wooden or metallic frames. This gives our clients (farmers) a range of choices to pick from with flexibility in cost, durability and suitability.

Installation cost of our greenhouses and irrigation equipment are included in our greenhouses costs thus giving the farmer easy time for setting up a greenhouse unit. Our greenhouses are compact; easy to install-installation does not require concrete mixture or any external  support. The greenhouse unit comes complete with top plant support structure inbuilt within its structural framework. They are uniquely designed to withstand high wind speed and to allow production of protected horticulture in relatively hot regions.

Irrigation Systems Design and Installation

We also design and install Irrigation Systems tailored to suit all farm and farmer’s requirements. Our systems are flexible to meet the farmer’s farm size, water resource s and crop water requirement. We design all types of irrigation systems, both for open field and indoor production with pocket friendly systems that can suit any farm size.

GZA Limited also works to give perfection in the following areas:

    1. Develop Ideas, plans and innovations in Agribusiness areas
    2. Agribusiness Market Surveys and
    3. Agribusiness Business Advisory and Training Services
    4. Improved customer satisfaction
    5. Improved organizational communication
    6. Enhanced decision making and planning
    7. Improved service delivery that are cost effective and are value


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