Greenhouse Design and Construction!
Irrigation Systems Design and Installation!
Electronic Water Management Systems!

Green Zone Agencies Ltd is an Inputs and Services provider that deals in:

  • Irrigation Systems Designs and Installation
  • Greenhouse Designs and Construction
  • Electronic Water Management Systems
  • Electronic Weather Station
  • Fertigation Systems
  • Water Harvesting and Storage Equipments
  • Crop Management Trainings
  • Business Management Training for Income Generating Groups

We also provide after sales service, free production advice and markets linkage to our customers through partners within our networks.

Most of all , we are committed to growth of our clients for our success.

GZA Limited also work to give perfection in the following areas:

  • Develop Ideas, plans and innovations in Agribusiness areas
  • Agribusiness Market Surveys
  • Agribusiness Business Advisory & Training Services
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved organizational communication
  • Enhanced decision making and planning
  • Improved service delivery that are cost effective and are value added.

GZA Limited has the capacity, resources, experience and expertise to offer a wide spectrum of services in the above listed areas.


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